Sunday, February 3, 2019

Have You Seen the Mist - Flash Fiction

Coastal Mist
Alluring softness
Brings romantic illusions
Letting mind wander

Relaxed in a jacuzzi
Sipping a fine chardonnay
After a long day

As the warm wind blows
Across the lakes hardened ice
One can see, sea mist

Appearing as clouds
Close onto ground, thick moisture
Billows blocking sight

Lighthouses warn boaters
Vision obscured volatile
Mist has unfolded

Shining brightly the
Mist from the sea causes fog
Thickly stands resting

Invitingly mist
Will mesmerize you into
A fascination

Over lakes and seas
Dawn or night you may see
The mist of the sea

Mistakenly some
Sailors have ignored warnings
Crashing into rocks

© S. Zutautas February 2019

This piece was written for a flash fiction challenge over at Carrot Ranch. Write a short story or poem (99 words, no more, no less) about sea mist.


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  2. Love this, Susan! Ah, wouldn't that be something to watch the sea mist over the icy waters from a Jacuzzi! I relaxed right into the image, yet the warnings of danger we can't get too relaxed.

    1. Only wish I had a Jacuzzi and a view of the ocean or a lake.
      So glad that you like this Charli! Thanks.


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