Sunday, October 29, 2017

Can Dogs Tell Time - A Poem to My Dog

Maggie Magz

The way in which you tell time
My dog, my friend, you’re sublime

You know when it’s time to eat
At five you sit beside my feet

You bark at me to tell me when
To get up or go to bed again

Time change makes no difference to you
You simply know, you simply do

© 2017 S.Zutautas

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Bring Back The Dance

Intimately dancing, you and I on the floor
Remember how it felt back then, before
Bring back the dance of seduction I roar
Oh how I long to feel that again
Passion erupting from deep down within
Music playing, as our bodies were swaying
Whispering tantalizing desires to each other
Excitement building while we danced in the night
Enthralled by each others sexual appetites
Remember that feeling of having to have
To not achieve it would truly drive us mad
Lustfully yearning for that feeling of desire
Arousal building, getting higher and higher
Anticipating the ecstasy, we both so enjoyed
Oh how I long to feel that again

© 2011 Susan Zutautas

Maggie MAGZ - Haiku Style Poem

Eyes are full of love
Heart so big and welcoming
My sweet girl Maggie

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

How I Met My Husband - A Poem

November 28, 1987

Funny how sometimes you meet someone when you are not looking and when you least expect it to happen.
Before I start this poem/song (not really sure what it is yet) I just want to say that I had given up on ever meeting anyone that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I decided that I was going to save up, buy a condo and live happily ever after by myself.
One night I went to a bar with some friends saying to them as a joke, “I want to meet a guy that has tickets to the Bob Seger concert tomorrow night”.
The funny thing was, Al my husband, had just been to see Seger before he walked into the bar and into my life.

Here is how my story goes.

Went out for a few drinks
                With some friends to a bar
Rock N Roll Heaven
                 It wasn’t too far
Ordered a drink
                Listened to the band
As I gazed around
               Surprised what I found
Oh baby
I like what I see
Baby Baby
You’re perfect for me

I said to the girls
              Check out this guy
Across the bar
             No one by his side
He looks so fine
            He looks divine
Oh what a doll
            Over six feet tall
Oh baby
I like what I see
Baby baby
You’re perfect for me

Every time I looked over
           To sneak a peek
He was staring
           Right back at me
Oh my have to meet this guy
         Oh why am I so shy 
Oh baby
I like what I see
Baby baby
You’re perfect for me

All my friends were saying to me
             Just go over go over and see
Just say hi
             Okay I sigh
I’ll go over
             But just to say hi

Oh baby
I like what I see
Baby baby
You’re perfect for me

Walking over through the crowed bar
Almost there it seemed so far
I just shrugged as he walked away
Just my luck oh what a day

But this is not how my story ends
As I walk over to his friend
I introduce myself being direct
He must think that I am wrecked

Would you please introduce me to your friend
Forever grateful I’ll be to the end
So Bob introduced Al to me
The rest as they say is history

Back then I was normally a shy person and did not have enough confidence to just go up to a perfect stranger and ask them to introduce me to their friend. I think that night the stars were aligned or there was magic in the air. This meeting of the two of us was just meant to be.