Sunday, March 6, 2016

Dust Bunnies

Dust Bunny

Rabbits multiply one, two, three
As do dust bunnies, just check and see

Get down on your knees, look under your bed
Don't be scared, it's okay
They're not alive, they're all dead

All those dust bunnies are waiting for you
To clean them up as they grew

Under the couch, under the chair
Dust bunnies not stopped can be everywhere

Get out that mop or vacuum cleaner
Become a top notch dust bunny screener

If you are sneezing and cannot stop
You may be allergic to this new dust crop
More than likely it will go away
When you get rid of the dust bunnies today

Don't wait till Spring, do it now
Clean them up and take a bow

© 2010 Susan Zutautas