Sunday, May 3, 2015

Oogley Woogley

Introducing Oogley Woogley
When I was a child I used to draw this picture all the time. I named him Oogley Woogley, he was a worm. Later in life when I would be sitting around with my sons we would be doodling, and I would draw this character for them. They just thought at the time that this was so cool and they would ask me to draw him all the time.
Today I was sitting here thinking back at some of the fun times I shared with my boys, and Oogley Woogley popped into my head. This poem was inspired from the thought. I cannot draw for the life of me, and this is about as good as it gets.

Oogley Woogley the Worm

Oogley Woogley was his name
Do you remember him, and how he became
From a squiggle on a page
Drew him up, and gave him a name

Decided once drawn, that he was a worm
Lived in our garden, hiding from birds

Going outside we would call him by name
Oogley Woogley, come play a game

Under a leaf, beside a rock
Out he would slither, and begin to talk

Happy to see you, shall we play
The sun is shinning it’s a beautiful day

Let’s go for a walk, down to the pond
We may find a friend for you beyond
That big rock or beside the tree
Or maybe under a shrub, let’s go see

Off we ventured along the path
Turning up leaves, looking through grass

All of a sudden we heard a squeal
Oogley had found something surreal
Close to the pond was a small log
With worms galore, atop a bog

As we stood watching Oogley go near
We knew our friend that was so dear
Had found a new family, we began to cheer

We said our good-byes and wished him well
Oogley Woogley take care of yourself

© Copyright 2011 Susan Zutautas