Thursday, September 4, 2014

Old Girl Rapping

Off to the store I go, go, go
Dollar days
Less to pay
Makes more sense
To shop this way

Two for a buck Just my luck
Some shelves are empty this just sucks
That’s okay is what I say
I’ll just come back another day

photo by Susan Zutautas

Turkey’s turkey’s look at that
So long after Christmas and that’s a fact
But they're still here oh dear oh dear
Eat one more and I’ll gobble all year

Pasta noodles all different kinds
Elbows and spaghetti will do just fine
Peas and corn are on sale too
Have to take just a few
Cauliflower for a dollar a head
What a deal I’ll take two instead

Pushing my cart up to the cash
Forgot the potatoes I better dash
The family will be mad if I don’t make mashed
At least twice this week with the succotash

I hate to shop but can't pass up a deal
When it comes to saving money on a meal

Hope you liked my rap and pretended to clap
I’ll end it now before I get slapped

© 2011 Susan Zutautas