Saturday, September 20, 2014

If I Could Go Back In Time

Prince Edward Island, Canada
Photo by Susan Zutautas

If I could go back in time
And change the things I’ve done
I’m not so sure I’d be any happier
Than what I have become

My life has been meaningful to me
I’ve had the pleasure of many things
Met great people along the way
Still meeting new ones everyday

I’ve never wanted material things
That’s just the way I am
Enjoy the simple beauty
Of lakes, mountains, seas, and lands

If I could have one wish or two
The first one would be
To live the rest of my life
In peace and harmony

The second one is probably
The same many of us have
To live without fear
Of a nuclear war

I’ve had my children, watched them grow
Nurtured them along the way
I've let them know how much they’re loved
I pray they’ll be okay

© Copyright 2011 Susan Zutautas