Friday, March 28, 2014

It's just the wind

Public Domain

Bitterly cold
Turning fingers white, noses red
It's just the wind

Sending shivers down my spine
Something rushes by
It’s just the wind,

Rain pounding
Trees thrashing about
It’s just the wind

Were those men whistling at me?
As I walked down the street
It’s just the wind

Forceful destructive
Strong enough to knock you down
It’s just the wind

Gusts travelling at a hundred miles an hour
Leaving many without power
It’s just the wind

Changes in speed and direction
Causing tornadoes
It’s just the wind

Dust sweeping across the desert
Gritty sand everywhere

It’s just the wind


This poem is in response to a Flash Fiction challenge at Carrot Ranch. Stop by, say hi to Charli, and join in on the fun of this challenge if you would like to write a flash fiction, or read a few by other writers. This weeks challenge is to include the words It's just the wind in a short story containing 99 words. This challenge goes until Tuesday April 1st. 

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