Thursday, January 16, 2014

To Those I Thought Were My Friends

Funny how you've run away
Thought you’d be here when I needed you
I’m sick and you’ve deserted me
Is that what friends do?

If it were you that was sick
I’d be there for you
Would it hurt to give me a call?
To show some kind of support at all
That’s all I ever expected

I thought when I told you the news
Somehow you’d show you cared
A simple message is all I’ve wanted
A little hug would have been nice
But no …. Nothing, nothing at all

A phone call maybe is too much to ask
I guess I’m not worth a little cash

So I have cancer, yes indeed
What’s wrong, it’s not like I have fleas
From what I know, you will not catch it
But if you can’t handle it
To hell with you!
I don’t need you!

I’ve found out sadly who my true friends are

And you, my so called friend, are not