Monday, June 10, 2013

For You Baby

Wake up every morning and the first thing I do
Make some coffee and drink it beside you
Dogs are a waiting to be fed
All I want do is go back to bed
With you… with you…. baby with you

What am I going to today
Clean and cook… hell no way
I’m gonna sit right down and write a song
Sit right here where I belong
With you…with you…baby with you

When I have to leave the house alone
Oh baby….. I miss you so
Can’t wait to get back to you
I feel blue until I do
Get back … Get back ... baby to you

Park the car and dash in the house
Then I run over to check on you
Yes you … baby ... yes you
Are you ready … come on let's play … baby, baby ... come on lets' play

Can I push your buttons like no one else can
Oh baby you know I can, Oh baby .. Oh baby yes I can

At night I know I will miss you so
Till the morning when I say hello
To you ...  baby to you

Remember baby one day last year
When you got sick and I so feared
You had a virus ... oh dear oh dear
But then we fixed you, baby we fixed you
We wiped your h a r d d r i v e ………… clean!

© Copyright 2011 Susan Zutautas

Previously posted on HubPages. 
My husband is always telling me how I love my computer more than I love him. Of course this isn't true but as a joke I wrote this song to my computer :) Hope you enjoyed it and have a great day.