Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thursday Morning Turmoil

I arise at six to start my day
Maybe I can actually write something today
Coffee in hand I log onto to search
Sitting comfortably upon my perch

My sons alarm goes off and I hear him move
Coming downstairs with his guitar to groove
Picking and strumming and playing so loud
Wishing he would just go and jump on a cloud

I am trying to read as I had searched up a topic
But this young rock star's making my mind myopic
I finally give up and hide in the kitchen
To start a new mission
Washing last nights dishes
With some ambition

Everyone finally leaves and I sigh
The house is now empty just the dogs and I
I sit back down  with such delight
Today I will just write and write

The dogs want out and are barking at the door
Up I get again once more

Back again for a third try
My computer crashes
I just want to cry

I reboot.. login and read once again
The dogs are now barking outside at their friends

Up again I get and think
Will my day ever begin?

All is now quiet as I write this poem
The dogs are now sleeping and I can begin
To try and start a new poem and hopefully win